The perfect plan for any user in the community.

We want to make sure that you have the best-fitting plan for your profile. Choose between FREE, GOLD and PLATINUM.

Below you will find an overview of our existing packages. You may feel free to upgrade or downgrade to another package for the following monthly period.



You like. We give you credits.

By liking content, you will be instantly rewarded. Our software builds by default automatically credits over time for your account, by liking other's pictures based on our algorithms. The credits can be used for like boosts on your profile.*

Here's an overview of how much you will be credited for liking pictures and how many credits a like boost requires.


How many coins do I get per amount of likes given?

How many coins do I have to use for a like boost?

*only one boost can be currently used per picture

Run out of coins? Top-up your account.

Our software can be used completely for free. However, if you wish to top-up your account to have more coins, without having to like content, you can do it right from your account settings.

Here's an overview of how many coins you will receive for what amount of money paid.