Is your service free?

Yes. Our goal was to build a software that can be used by anyone. Even for someone who does not have enough money to boost their stats. However, you can change to a premium plan to receive more features or you can top-up your account balance with optional payments, to reach more likes easier and faster.

How does your software work?

Your Instagram profiles linked to our software will automatically like other's pictures, that belong to users also connected to our community. By liking other's pictures, your profile will be credited with a certain amount of in-app money, that can be used to give yourself likes on pictures you post.

How many likes do I have to give to earn a coin?

One coin () is earned by giving 10 likes () to other users of our community. If you give 250 likes, you will be credited with 25 coins and so on.

How many coins are exactly needed for a like boost?

We currently offer three boost options to use for your pictures. 25 coins () for 100 likes (), 50 coins () for 250 likes () and 75 coins () for 500 likes ()

What if I do not want you to automatically like pictures for me?

If you do not want to let us do the work for you, you can deactivate the auto like setting. However, this option is only available in premium plans. By deactivating this setting, you will have to manually like other's pictures through our software to get in-app money or top-up your account balance manually.

Will my profile be banned if I start using your services?

No. By default we will make sure to not overuse Instagram calls in order to leave your profile far away from being banned. If you choose to like pictures manually, we will automatically block your activity temporarily if you misuse our services. This will shrink the possibility of being banned to the maximum.

I want to upgrade to a better and more suitable package.

In case that you wish to upgrade or downgrade to another package, you will have to change your plan setting in your profile settings. Your account plan will be adjusted once the monthly period has been ended.

What payment method can I use? Is it safe to pay online?

To top-up your account you can pay with PayPal or credit card. The payment form is hosted by a PCI certified payment processor. You do not need to worry about any data you enter during the payment process.

Ah... by the way, what does megusta mean?

megusta stays for 'I like' in Spanish. We thought the name of our project should be catchy for internet natives. And there's also a good old meme named after it.

Sounds great - so how can I start using megusta?

You can start right away by opening the app page by hittng the button below.

Help! I have an issue. What should I do?

If there is anything wrong with your profile or with the software, make sure to contact us. Send us an email or visit our support page. We'll solve any issues you might experience asap.

I wish to stop using your services.

In case that you do not wish to use our services anymore, you may log in to your account and navigate to your profile preferences. From there you'll see the option delete my account. This will unlink your profile from our community.